How to Transport an Electric Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter?

The users of electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters have some common interests to know the options to transport their wheelchairs or scooters when they go on vacation. The proper information will allow them to transport their mobility wheels via transport in a better and easier way.
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These points should be focused on – storing the device inside a vehicle, uses of lift platforms, scooter or wheelchair carriers, preparing their own vehicles as a scooter or wheelchair carriers. Simple wheelchairs can be stored in a vehicle after disassembling or folding up the wheelchair. There are some wheelchair travel bags, which can be used to store such chairs while traveling by a vehicle.


How do you transport a power wheelchair?

Disassembling a wheelchair may take time and sometimes may need support from others to reassemble it. To avoid this inconvenience a carrier can be used inside, upside or behind the vehicle. Carriers that fit with the desired chair can be mounted or attached to the vehicle. After mounting or attaching the carriers to the vehicles, it will be easier to carry the wheelchairs. Just load the wheelchair on the carrier and close the gate. The downside of this option is it takes more space than the disassemble option. Supports from others may be needed in this case as well.

The process of loading a wheelchair or a scooter may be easier by installing a lifting platform on the vehicle. Vans, SUVs, or tracks can be suitable for installing a lift platform. Some platforms can be installed inside the SUV, in other cases external lifts can be installed on the vehicle. An automatic ramp can be installed on the vehicle as to the most convenient way of carrying a wheelchair by transport. The user will just need to click switches to control the ramp to load or unload the wheelchair.


Can you take an electric wheelchair on a plane?

Yes, a person can take his/her electric wheelchair when traveling by plane. You will need to inform the airline at least 48 hours ago about your limited mobility. You will be able to use his/her wheelchair before check-in. Then the airport authority will give their wheelchair to use. Your own wheelchair will be taken and stored inside the plane separately. You will get back your wheelchair after arriving at your destination. Using dry batteries or gel cell are recommended, wet batteries should be avoided.

wheelchair and scooter


Types of portable ramps for loading and unloading your wheelchair

Choosing a perfect portable wheelchair-ramp is good to move with the wheelchair comfortably and easily. Portable ramps can be categorized based on their lengths and folding option. Based on the lengths the types are – threshold ramps which are 6 to 24 inches long, suitcase ramps which are 24 to 72 inches long, solid ramps which are 24 to 120 inches long, multi-fold ramps which are 60 to 144 inches long, track ramps which are 24 to 144 inches long, and modular ramps which are 48 inches to above in length. Based on folding, there are – bi-fold ramps that have two panels and tri-fold ramps that have four panels. To choose the perfect one for your wheelchair some points should be considered, the weight capacity of the ramp, the length of the ramp, and high-quality traction.

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