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Fitness and Weightloss in Cyprus

- Paphos Sports

Enjoy your life in Cyprus and have a healthy way of living- Join Fitness & Weightloss and have fun.

Transform your life in Cyprus and enjoy your life.

Weigh2Go is for men and women to come together, gain confidence and lose weight as part of a team of people who desire the same goal. No one should have to ‘hide away’ for fear of being ridiculed due to the way they look. No one should be made to feel that they are ‘ugly’. In this little piece of paradise, we aim to help you change the way you feel, change the way you look and give you another perspective on life.

The training facilities are based in a small family run Cypriot Hotel, bursting with authenticity in an area of captivating beauty. The Hotel consists of 28 rooms and is located at Agios Georgios, five minutes walk from the coast and within walking distance of archaeological sites. The Hotel has an outdoor swimming pool for your relaxation in your spare time and a lounge area.

Join us at: , in our authentic Cypriot Hotel set in stunning surroundings on the historic Island of Cyprus for a week of intense fitness and relaxation!!

Our aim is to create a new YOU. Learn how exercise need not be a chore, how changing the way you eat can be enjoyable and fulfilling. Learn make up tricks of the trade. Everyone can be beautiful – never think there is no hope. You can and you will become the person you want to be.

Set in beautiful Agios Georgis, close to Coral Bay on the outskirts of the ancient town of Paphos, Cyprus – We offer you a week or more to discover the new you – that person deep inside. And where better than on a Mediterranean Island! Detoxify, exercise and remove yourself from the stresses of everyday life for one week or more. Return home rejuvenated, fitter and slimmer!!

Not only that but we will support you on line when you return home with ‘Healthy Eating’ recommendations and on line support during those ‘low’ moments. If you feel the need to return to us, you will always be welcome.

For further information:
Call: +357 99 170 738

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