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Seven St. George Geroskipou

Paphos - Religious Tourism

The Seven St. George located in an idyllic location in the municipality of Yeroskipou.

Seven St. George Geroskipou is a series of carved tombs, one of which was converted into a church of St. George.


This historical place composed the chapel of St. George (one declivity church), a natural water-well, a hewed olive-press in the rock of the Roman period, graves hewed in the rocks (of the Hellenistic and Roman periods), as well as caves and other establishments, most probably remains of the medieval establishments that been used as hermitages around the chapel of St. George.


Only recently discovered in 2002 in the same position carved tomb dressed in white marble and encrusted with mosaics, which allegedly belonged to a saint or a senior cleric.

7 st george yeroskipou

It is remarkable that the tomb ossuary found gold, sacred vestments, crucifix and other religious objects. Next to the building complex was detected.
agioi Giorkides yeroskipou

The English traveler Richard Pococke (1738) mentions a place in Paphos with many carved chambers, one of whom should serve as a reservoir. Near this tank was "carved underground church dedicated to the Seven asleep.


For cave of sleeping there are reports from the 15 century. Fynes Moryson, who visited Cyprus in 1596, makes reference to the Seven St. George and in accordance with the cave was located one mile from Paphos. Presumably, the "Seven Sleeper" is the The Seven children in Ephesus. Distant memories of that dedication should be the name "Seven St. George."

The cave was connected with the underground church of Agia Paraskevi is situated in the center of the village, twenty minutes to go through the one. Indeed, once the church of Agia Paraskevi, was the sanctuary of the church and a hatch because the old people dierotountan leading, once gathered a large group of men (villagers), together with a group of explorers and have harmed the route from the church Agia Paraskevi and went to the chapel of St. 7 - Giorkas had to use oxygen cylinders and lanterns to be able to go and make the journey and see where it leads. This was invented by early Christians to escapes when they chased the non belivers.

Also, it is important to record that there was someone there though holy priest who served in the church of Agia Paraskevi then commanded to build the part and to close the small hatch.

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