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Paphos - Cyprus Tradition

Cyprus resi is the most traditional dish of Cypriot marriage wedding and found at the area of Paphos

Resi is a dish of wheat and lamb pilaf, served at weddings. The Resi offered to guests at the feast and the fun that followed the wedding ceremony at the old times.

Both the process of preparation and cooking is part of the ritual of the traditional Cypriot wedding and judging from one of the two main ingredients of wheat, the story should be lost in the mists of time and reaches the ancient cuisine.

cyprus Resi

On Thursday before the wedding night all the relatives gathered to wash the grain, to be used in the manufacture of vices, with the accompaniment of violin and lute songs. On Friday night, gathered all his relatives again, to beat the wheat with "faoutes (to break the hard shell of wheat) and fired more easily, this traditional food.

resi plate

When you visit Paphos villages ask for the traditional dish of resi and i'm sure you will love it. You can find Resi food only in Paphos area.(Very popular at: Letimbou, kalepia and Hulou villages)

Paphos Paphos
Travel guide to Paphos, featuring information on attractions, rentals, restaurants, nightlife, travel tips
Akamas National Park
Akamas peninsula is the Jewel of Cyprus.

Chloraka is a town in the Paphos District of Cyprus, located 3 km north of Paphos.

Geroskipou (Yeroskipou) is the second largest municipality in the Paphos District

Kato Paphos
Kato Paphos is the main tourist area in Paphos.

Kissonerga, a village with a long and rich history, is a treasure trove of archaeological finds

The village is built in the area where "Palaipafos" (Old Pafos) was and is the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty

Panagia Village
The community of Panagia is an original destination of alternative tourism (ecotourism, rural tourism)

Paphos Countryside
Paphos Countryside - Discover the most beautiful landscapes to visit when you are in Cyprus

Paphos town
Paphos town a lot to offer to every visitor, it combines old with new

Paphos Villages (A-M)
Paphos Villages are the most intresting places to visit on your holidays to Cyprus

Paphos Villages (N-Z)
Paphos Villages in alphabetical order N to Z

At Peyia we find large number of cafes and restaurants along the main road of Coral Bay

Polis Chrysochous
Polis Chrysochous is a popular tourism destination in Paphos

Tala enjoys a splendid view towards the sea, built at an average altitude of 280 meters

Timi Village
Timi Village is surrounded by beautiful countryside.

Over the hills and far away Tsada is there to impress you.

Burger Stories
At Burger stories you can make your own Burger

Cyprus Nature Trails
The best way to discover Cyprus is to walk at different nature trails around the island

Aphrodite Trail
Aphrodite Trail is a round trailthat takes the breath away

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