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Polis Chrysochous

Paphos Travel -

Polis Chrysochous is a popular tourism destination in Paphos

Polis Chrysochous is a small town at the north-west end of the island of Cyprus, at the centre of Chrysochous Bay. Polis in Greek means town, is one of the most beautiful areas in Cyprus. Polis is strongly related to Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. Polis is 35Km from Paphos - a 30 minute car ride. Polis provides all kinds of hotel accommodation in all categories from luxurious hotels, holiday villages, apartments, and hotels offering facilities for thematic activities and local character, villas with private swimming pools to simple family accommodation units.
Adonis Nature Trail Adonis Nature Trail is a circulal trail at the Baths of AphroditeAdonis Nature Trail
Anassa beach hotel , the beach Anassa beach , Anassa meaning queen in ancient GreekAnassa beach hotel , the beach
Anassa Hotel Anassa Hotel at Paphos Cyprus is one of the best hotels in East MediterraneanAnassa Hotel
Aphrodite Trail Aphrodite Trail is a round trailthat takes the breath awayAphrodite Trail
Polis camping site Polis camping site and latsi harbourPolis camping site
Polis Chrysochous Marion - Arsinoe Archaeological Museum Polis Chrysochous situated where ancient Marion and Arsinoe used to be, at the Archaeological Museum you can see findings from the areaPolis Chrysochous Marion - Arsinoe  Archaeological Museum