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Paphos Travel -

At Peyia we find large number of cafes and restaurants along the main road of Coral Bay

Peyia is situated mainly on the steep slopes of the coastal hills inland from Coral Bay, at the southern end of the Akamas Peninsula, and it lies 12 km north of Paphos.
Agios Georgios Ayios Georyios port in peyia is the place to visit and enjoy the nature away from the city stressAgios Georgios
Fitness and Weightloss in Cyprus  Enjoy your life in Cyprus and have a healthy way of living- Join Fitness & Weightloss and have fun.Fitness and Weightloss in Cyprus
Museum at Maa Paleokastro Museum of Mycenean settlement in Cyprus at Maa PaleokastroMuseum at Maa Paleokastro
Paliomonastiro Paliomonastiro Tavern-cafe is near the ancient chapel, at the Municipal Park of PeyiaPaliomonastiro
Paphos Japanese Restaurant - Samisen  Samisen is a Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant in Paphos Cyprus.Paphos Japanese Restaurant - Samisen
Peyia Sea Caves Peyia Sea Caves is the place where god show his artistic talent and creation Peyia Sea Caves
Sunshine Radio Paphos Cyprus Sunshine Radio transmits at 90.8 at FM - Sunshine Radio is a world class radio brandSunshine Radio Paphos Cyprus
The Learning Centre Paphos Peyia- Paphos Private School  Paphos private School, The Private Institute Learning Centre, at Peyia Paphos private SchoolThe Learning Centre  Paphos Peyia- Paphos Private School
The sea caves The sea caves is a great place to visitThe sea caves