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Peyia Sea Caves

- Paphos Nature

Peyia Sea Caves is the place where god show his artistic talent and creation

It is an easy task to drive at paphos Pegia sea caves, actually there location is in peyia area.


Sea Caves is a part of Peyia on the rugged coastline north of Coral Bay.The beaches at Coral Bay are about five minutes away by car.

Sea Caves Peyia Cyprus

It is a natural rocky shore and beach caves. The caves are located around the bay. Rocks scattered here and there in the sea gives the landscape an almost surreal splendor. Located in the northwest of Paphos, near the island of St. George Peyia (Geronisos). Small caves are also a little further east to Coral Bay and west to the Akamas.


Sea Caves is quiet and rural. Enjoy an evening walk along the cliffs, watching the sun set in the west. Perfect to unwind away from it all.

paphos seacaves

It is necessary to rent a car to visit Sea caves.

Προβολή μεγαλύτερου χάρτη