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Paphos Archaeological Museum

Paphos - Museums- Archaeology

Paphos District Archaeological Museum contains finds from major archaeological sites of the city of Pafos, and cover the whole history of Cyprus from the Neolithic Age to the Venetian.

Paphos District Archaeological Museum has a total of five rooms and a shed in the yard, where there are several massive stone finds. Among the many interesting exhibits, the visitor will see a close-ceramic finds from all periods of the Bronze Age jewelry of various eras, coins, stone sculptures, inscriptions, sarcophagi, glass samples, etc.

Paphos DistrictArchaeologicalMuseum

Paphos District Archaeological Museum was founded in 1936. Originally housed in Iakoveio Elementary School and later transferred to the cluster of medieval spa town.
In 1966 the archaeological collection moved to new building, which houses the museum until today. Paphos District Archaeological Museum located at the entrance of the city of Paphos.

In 1989 another room was added in the west wing of the museum.
At Paphos District Archaeological Museum Hall I we see findings from the Chalcolithic era from Lemba and Kissonerga. In this room are ceramic finds from all periods of the Bronze Age.

In addition special representative samples exposed metal findings and, finally, there is an addition to jewelry several times.

Hall II houses objects from the Geometric and Classical periods, derived from Palaepaphos (Kouklia) New (Lower) Paphos and Marion.

PaphosDistrictArchaeological  Museum

Samples of local pottery displayed next to listed Attic pottery, underlining the close relations between the two countries.

In the same room and exposed to a range of representative types of coins of the kings of Paphos and Marion, and coins of the Ptolemaic and Roman periods.

Also on display are stone sculptures, including tombstones and inscribed.

Presented examples of pottery and glass of the above periods, and special interest presents a unique collection of clay pots in the shape of various members of the human body, found in New Paphos and used for therapeutic purposes.

In Room IV specimens exposed findings from excavations of New Paphos, frescoes and fragments of Roman pottery and objects of the Christian and the period of Arab raids.

Paphos District Archaeological Museum Source: Department of Antiquities of Cyprus DimokratiasTelos, Hall V out mainly Byzantine and medieval glazed and utilitarian pottery from excavations in New Paphos (Chryssopolitissa, Forty Pillars, etc.) and sculptures of the Frankish and Venetian rule.

Paphos Archaeological Museum

Address: 55 Griva Digenis Paphos PC 8100
Accreditation: Department of Antiquities of Cyprus
Museum Hours are: Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 05:00 pm and Saturday: 10:00 am - 01:00 pm On Sunday, the museum remains closed.
Period: All year round (except 01/01 and Easter Sunday)

Facilities: elevator at the entrance for people in wheelchairs. There is parking for small cars only unmarked. There is a toilet (but not for people in wheelchairs). Cash transactions only. There is a small bookstore where visitors can buy books, postcards, guides and replicas. Also given free brochure for the museum. Over 11 people 20% discount on the price (1.70 euros), accompanied by a licensed guide. There are weekly tickets (17.10 euros) and daily of which one can obtain it from any museum or archaeological site under the Department of Antiquities.


Telephone / Fax: 00357-26306215 / 00357-26306397

Website / Email: / mcw / da / da.nsf /

Entrance Fee: 1.70 Euros. For children up to 14 years are free.

Purchase Tickets: At the entrance to and from any museum or archaeological site under the Department of Antiquities.

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