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Paphos Countryside

Paphos Travel -

Paphos Countryside - Discover the most beautiful landscapes to visit when you are in Cyprus

Explore Paphos Countryside and meet the real side of life.All periods of the year are perfect to get outdoor and explore mother nature.
Akamas Jeep Safari Jeep Safari Akamas is an extraordinary experience that shouldn't be missedAkamas Jeep Safari
AntiGravity Road - Optical Illusion in Paphos AntiGravity Road is at the main Pegeia-Polis road, just after Droushia village.AntiGravity Road - Optical Illusion in Paphos
Aphrodite Hills Races Aphrodite Hills races-1st May Aphrodite Hills 10Km and 5Km RunAphrodite Hills Races
Argaka Village Paphos Watch this Video from Argaka Village PaphosArgaka Village Paphos
Arkadia Festival at Kallepia In August in the village of Kallepia the annual Arkadia Festival is celebrated. Arkadia Festival at Kallepia
Arodes fields Arodes video of the green Cyprus countrysideArodes fields
Byzantine museum of Bishopric of Arsinoe The creation of the Byzantine Museum of Arsinoe, is the result of moral commitments and our responsibilities arising from the cultural and religious heritage.Byzantine museum of Bishopric of Arsinoe
Cyprus Halloumi Halloumi or haloumi is a traditional Cypriot cheese that is also popular in Middle East and Greece, and is now made in many countries and regions around the world. Cyprus Halloumi
Cyprus Nature Trails The best way to discover Cyprus is to walk at different nature trails around the island Cyprus Nature Trails
Cyprus orchids Wild orchids of CyprusCyprus orchids
Destinations must go in Larnaca Guide for must go destinations in LarnacaDestinations must go in Larnaca
Dionysia Festival Dionysia Festival take place at Stroumbi village in Paphos countrysideDionysia Festival
Donkey Farm Donkey Farm at Kelokedara VillageDonkey Farm
Easter Traditions in Cyprus Easter Traditions in Cyprus- how the Cypriots live EasterEaster  Traditions  in Cyprus
Evridiki Teriazoume Cyprus Eurovision Watch this 90 Eurovision video film with EvridikiEvridiki Teriazoume Cyprus  Eurovision
Fyti village Weaving Museum Fyti village Weaving MuseumFyti village Weaving Museum
Golf Courses in Paphos Golf Courses in Paphos Cyprus - There are many top class golf courses in the Paphos area to choose from.Golf Courses in Paphos
Kato Akourdaleia Folk Art Museum Kato Akourdaleia Folk Art Museum is a perfect idea on where to get the idea of how Cypriots were living 200 years age Kato Akourdaleia Folk Art Museum
Koumandaria Festival Koumandaria is an amber-coloured sweet dessert wine made in the Commandaria region of CyprusKoumandaria Festival
Letymbou Tavern Letymbou Tavern ,set in a 100 year old traditional Cypriot building ,offers perfect food and Cyprus Entertainment Letymbou Tavern
Moutti Tou Stavrou Nature Trail Moutti Tou Stavrou Nature Trail is the ideal nature trail for families with children and older ages peopleMoutti Tou Stavrou Nature Trail
Paphos Busses Paphos Busses operate under Paphos Transport OrganizationPaphos Busses
Paphos Green Monday - Kathara Deftera Traditionally Kathara Deftera (Mean clean Monday) starts the beginning of the 40 day fast before Easter.Paphos Green Monday - Kathara Deftera
Paphos Nudism gay beaches Paphos Nudism gay beachesPaphos Nudism gay beaches
Paphos weather forecast View the latest Paphos weather forecasts, maps, news and alerts.Paphos weather forecast
Paradise Jazz Festival The Paradise Jazz festival takes place in Paphos every September. Paradise Jazz Festival
Resi Cyprus resi is the most traditional dish of Cypriot marriage wedding and found at the area of PaphosResi
Soutzoukos and Palouzes Palouzes and Soutzioukos are Cyprus grape organic products.Soutzoukos and Palouzes
Statos Agios Fotios Festival Experience the unique Cypriot hospitality at Agricultural Festival at Statos Agios Fotios Paphos. Statos Agios Fotios Festival
Trahanas - the winter food Trahanas is a favorite Cypriot pasta and this soup is a favorite in Cyprus homes around the Island. Trahanas - the winter food
Tsiknopempti Tsiknopempti or Meat Day is a celebration before entering the biggest event of christianity:Easter Tsiknopempti
Tzielefos bridge paphos Tzelefos bridge paphos is found at Diarizos river, near Agios Nicolaos Paphos forest, north of Arminou dam.Tzielefos bridge paphos
Wedding In Paphos Paphos is a great location to celebrate your wedding in Cyprus.Wedding In Paphos
Zivania Zivania or Zivana is a traditional Cypriot alcoholic beverage with typical alcohol content is 45% by volume. Zivania