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Paphos Ancient Odeon

Paphos - Museums- Archaeology

Ancient Odeon is inside of Paphos Archaeological Park

The theater is located at the northeastern edge of the ancient city on the hillside Faprika.

It was built around 300 BC, establishing the City of New Paphos. During the Hellenistic and Roman period, the theater has suffered several modifications. It seems that the theater is no longer in use until the 4th century AD.

AncientOdeon KatoPaphos

When you visit an Ancient Odeon just go at the cyrcle of the center and speak loudly, you will impressed by the 3d echo effect you wil hear.

The impressive architectural design of the ancient theater beyond beauty hides some interesting aural and visual, but also carries some unknown theories on telecommunications.

If you try today to speak to crowd even with the help of amplifiers, speakers, etc. you will see that it is far easier to hear everyone clearly. But if you go to an ancient theater will be amazed from the acoustics of the still wonderful of course without any other technical device! Even today we fail to overcome the acoustics of these theaters to modern structures our concert halls.

We can conclude that ancient cultures knew at least how to create and measure sounds and had extensive knowledge of man and its relationship with sound.

Today, using the summer for musical and theatrical performances

Nearby are the remains of the ancient city walls, the Roman Agora and a building dedicated to Asklipeios, god of medicine.

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