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Panagia Village

Paphos Travel -

The community of Panagia is an original destination of alternative tourism (ecotourism, rural tourism)

Panagia Village promotes and protects the unique natural landscape (Mount Mary, Paphos Forest, etc.) and traditional architecture are heading for the sustainability of the area. At Panagia Village traditional buildings have been restored and integrated organic functioning of the Community as community buildings, traditional agrotourism establishments, cultural centers and places of recreation. In addition to other elements of cultural landscapes such as paved streets, fountains, old industrial units are in the process of restoration and enhancement. Churches have been restored and are part of the local architecture of places of worship.
Oniro Cafe Hotel at Panagia Oniro Hotel at Panagia is at a fantastic location with a perfect view at the green forestOniro Cafe Hotel at Panagia
Panagia Chrysorogiatissa Monastery Panagia Chrysorogiatissa Monastery is 2km outside Panagia villagePanagia Chrysorogiatissa Monastery
Panagia Museum Panagia Museum is at the center of Panagia VillagePanagia Museum
Panagia Village Center Panagia is a typical village in Paphos ,located at hight altitude is a cool destination during the hot Cypriot Summer.Panagia Village Center
Stelios Kyriakidis Stelios Kyriakidis was born on Statos near Panagia, 10 May 1910 is one of the most popular athlet in CyprusStelios Kyriakidis
Vouni Panagias Nature Trail Vouni Panagias Circular Nature Trail is Circular 9.8 km long.Vouni Panagias Nature Trail