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International Restaurants

International restaurant in Paphos. Find contact details,for Chinese,Japanese, Mexican or any other Taste

Cuisines from all over the world can be found at Paphos. Try different international tastes in Paphos and enjoy your meal. This is the best way to start your night.International Restaurants specialises in local and international cuisine prepared by top chefs. There are many good International Restaurants in Paphos.You can select from African,Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Indian, Mexican or any other taste you prefer.
Xiang Gong Xiang Gong is the Chinese restaurant with style close to real chinese food.Xiang Gong
Phuket Chinese Thai restaurant - Paphos Chinese Thai restaurant - PaphosPhuket Chinese Thai restaurant - Paphos
Paphos Japanese Restaurant - Samisen  Samisen is a Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant in Paphos Cyprus.Paphos Japanese Restaurant - Samisen
Imperial Chinese Restaurant in Paphos Chinese Cuisines at Paphos at the heart of Kato Paphos tourism area.Imperial Chinese Restaurant in Paphos
African Restaurant in Paphos African kitchen in the center of Kato Paphos. The lodge African Restaurant in Paphos African Restaurant in Paphos