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Cyprus Tradition

looking at Cyprus position on the map we find the Island at the crossroads of three continents influencing the Cypriot way of living and tastes

Cyprus Traditional Food , Cyprus food is Mediterranean diet gaining popularity as a tasty and heart-healthy eating.
Zivania Zivania or Zivana is a traditional Cypriot alcoholic beverage with typical alcohol content is 45% by volume. Zivania
Trahanas - the winter food Trahanas is a favorite Cypriot pasta and this soup is a favorite in Cyprus homes around the Island. Trahanas - the winter food
Soutzoukos and Palouzes Palouzes and Soutzioukos are Cyprus grape organic products.Soutzoukos and Palouzes
Resi Cyprus resi is the most traditional dish of Cypriot marriage wedding and found at the area of PaphosResi
Loukumi Geroskipou Loukumi of Geroskipou is the Ideal gift from your travel to Paphos Loukumi Geroskipou
Easter Traditions in Cyprus Easter Traditions in Cyprus- how the Cypriots live EasterEaster  Traditions  in Cyprus
Cyprus Halloumi Halloumi or haloumi is a traditional Cypriot cheese that is also popular in Middle East and Greece, and is now made in many countries and regions around the world. Cyprus Halloumi
Christmas-New Year - Epiphany The traditional way of Christmas-New Year - Epiphany at CyprusChristmas-New Year  -  Epiphany