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AntiGravity Road - Optical Illusion in Paphos

- Sightseeing in Paphos

AntiGravity Road is at the main Pegeia-Polis road, just after Droushia village.

AntiGravity Road area is called Magic Hill and is found on the main road Pegeia-Polis.

antigravity road

Stop your car half down hill from Polis/Prodromi/Latchi to Arodes, just after Drhousia exit towards polis. Put the gear in free and you see that the car goes back!
Play with a ball,drop the water or try to run. This is very intresting place to visit with a strange experience.

When we are at the top of the hills and leave a ball to roll down then the ball stays idle, and when we go down and let the ball ascends rapidly.

This is certainly true based on my experience.
Is such a terrain that is illusion and there seems to be uphill, it is actually downhill and the ball rolls down properly? The conclusions are yours.

paphos antigravity

There are less than 50 such roads on the planet, moreover, almost always these roads have a slight slope, located on hills or mountains and the phenomenon manifests itself always and not under specific conditions.

The AntiGravity Road area is on the red cyrcle as shown on the map.(Just after Droushia exit to Polis main road).

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